Cabarete is a small town in the province of Puerto Plata, very well-known due to all the extreme sports and activities available. If you are booking with us, at Villa Cocomar there are many activities you can do inside and outside the villa. The Villa would be the place where you and your friends will relax in the mornings, have a delicious breakfast, play billiards and if you’d like to you can play some beach volleyball as well.

If you are an extreme water sports enthusiast and would like to do some surfing or kitesurfing you could easily practice it in front of the Villa if the conditions are right. To surf in front of Villa Cocomar you’d need a swell from the East and go early in the morning before the wind picks up. You can check swell direction and wind by clicking HERE.

If you’d like to do some kitesurfing you could bring your gear or rent it in the main town of Cabarete. You can prepare your equipment and practice the sport right in front. We have very consistent wind for kiting and you will also have a private kite session since you might be the only one. We trust Liquid Blue Cabarete for Kite Lessons or Renting equipment

At Cocomar you have the freedom to explore the place around and visit the town, where there is an array of shops including, gift shops, surf shops, and some local recycling shops to support the community.

The shopping part is just 1 small piece of the pie that Cabarete offers you. Once you make it to the town of Cabarete everything is at a walking distance, the beach, all the shops, restaurants, kiteschools, windsurfing schools, barbershops, supermarkets etc. Everything that you need, you will find it there,

If you have read this far and aren’t staying at Villa Cocomar this is also good information for you to take into consideration coming to Cabarete.

Cabarete is the heaven of Dominican Republic’s North Coast, for those who practice any kind of water sports or anyone who is thinking on exploring this exotic plac,  there are tons of activities to do and I don’t know where to begin.


Surfing in Cabarete is known to be the most consistent wave region of the Dominican Republic, and the main place to practice it would be ‘’ Playa Encuentro’’. Playa Encuentro is any surfers 2nd home… located 7 minutes away from the center of town Cabarete and to get there you would either ask any taxi to take you there and if you’d like to take it up a notch you can always go in a moto concho (motorbike taxi). Once you are in Playa Encuentro you will find 5 different schools to choose from,  where you can either learn how to surf with one of the very knowledgeable instructors or rent a board if you are already experienced. Overall is a cool vibe all around and there is also some food you can lunch in.
One important rule is to have fun and respect the locals!


Cabarete is one of the best destinations for kiters, either for experienced kiters or newcomers. There is consistent wind almost all year round approximately 300/365 days of the year.  There are plenty of kite schools to choose from, but we personally suggest LB Cabarete, since they have a wide knowledge of kiting and hands down, have the most comfortable and effective equipment possible. If you are visiting Cabarete for more than 3 days we would highly recommend Kitesurfing in Cabarete.

As I said before there are an array of activities to do in Cabarete and the list technically never ends.

Let’s Say watersports is not your thing, there will always be more options for you to have an unforgettable experience on the north coast. There are many tour agencies that can take you pretty much anywhere… From horseback riding, four wheeling, or hiking through the jungle and finding some hidden waterfalls (VERY RECOMMENDED) getting to know the city of Puerto Plata and enjoy a 15-minute cable car ride all the way to the top of Loma Isabel de Torres, and learn some history about Puerto Plata, Take Pictures of ‘’Christ the Redeemer’’  and even better, get to experience one of the best views you could ever have of the North Coast.

The list is never-ending, come visit Cabarete, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and get to see it all for yourself.

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You wouldn’t like to miss this Experience!

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